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Natural Hair Loss Treatment
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About Us

We are Ultra Herbal and we produce and distribute a wide range of effective and safe herbal products that help people make their lives easier and more healthy.

All our products are of the best quality due to our rigid quality inspection. They are produced using Good Manufacturing Practices set forth by FDA. We have very high quality standards and we test all our raw materials for purity and fitness before they pass on further. Those materials that donít meet our requirements are rejected by our engineering specialists. All stages of our manufacturing process are fixed and strictly documented: all staff work in accordance with detailed written protocols that are obligatory for everyone. Manufacturing logs are reviewed by the Department of Agriculture. Both scheduled and surprise inspections by the quality assurance personnel during all the stages of the manufacturing process ensures purity and peculiar quality for both the raw materials and the finished products.

We use the best up-to-date equipment that is regularly maintained and cleaned according to the established timetable. It helps to avoid failures and interruptions during the manufacturing process and ensures production without contamination.

We use only the best quality raw materials. They come from reliable and trustworthy suppliers with a Certificate of Analysis. Moreover, our own quality inspectors always analyze supplied raw materials. The same is with all packaging materials.

Each product receives a certain description including a lot number for each of the components used and the methods of manufacturing. Our specialists monitor that all our products are assigned with proper labels.

We also pay a special attention to the following procedures:

Encapsulation and Compression. Each new unit has to be approved by quality assurance. Raw materials are inspected for the final time. A test unit is processed for integrity. Only then the full line production may begin according to detailed written guidelines for each herbal product. The processes of encapsulation and compression are also conducted in accordance with strict protocols for the capsules. The capsules are labeled and stored in special containers that ensure their freshness and prevent them from contamination. The equipment used for encapsulation and compression is necessarily inspected before use.

Blending and Granulation are also the subject of accurate quality control. Raw materials before being blended and granulated are examined without fail using the strict written guidelines for each component. All new power blends are carefully labeled and stored in special receptacles. As with encapsulation and compression all equipment used for blending and granulation is inspected before use.

Packaging and Inspection. When the product is finished it undergoes the final examination during which the quality control personnel cull broken tablets, overfilled capsules, and other defective supplements. After that the finished quality products are bottled, sealed and labeled. The samples of raw materials are retained for 1 year past the date of expiration of the last supplement these materials are used in. And the same is with finished products Ė they are kept under control conditions for the same period of time. All final supplements are kept in climate controlled conditions until final delivery to the customer.

All this makes us proud to offer you a wide range of all-natural herbal products of the best quality. They are pharmaceutically effective and are really in demand.

We have been working for over fifteen years and our goal is to provide our customers with the finest quality products of natural origin. We have proved to be competitive on the market of herbal products and we do all our best to keep a competitive edge.

We are committed to helping our customers and we supply our retailers and vendors with our herbal products at wholesale prices barely above our manufacturing costs.
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