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Natural Hair Loss Treatment
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Hair Loss Treatment
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Menís Provillus Pills

Menís Provillus Pills

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The whole world around you will change if you change yourself! Take a look in the mirror: donít you thing that you can be far more attractive? That your head is missing something? Hair Ė that is the word! Strong, thick and healthy hair! It was once a part of your image, a part of your esteem, a part of yourselfÖ It is something that will make you different in the eyes of you colleagues, your relatives, your family and friends. Positively different!

That is why you badly need to stop hair loss. You need to regrow you hair that once adorned your head and made you feel like a confident man. You need the result right now! And this is possible with Provillus hair loss treatment for men! You will feel the effect in just a few weeks!

Provillus restores dead hair follicles and revitalizes your hair. Its remarkable formula is based on herbal ingredients that are needed to regrow hair naturally as soon as possible. Provillus hair loss treatment creates the fertile environment for new hair in your scalp. Moreover, it is a natural hair loss product, so it has no side effects and no prescription is needed to buy it.

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Natural Hair Loss Product Provillus for men is a male hair loss remedy that really works!
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Provillus is a natural product that contains herbal ingredients!
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It reduces the level of dihydrotestostrone without affecting the testosterone level!
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Male Pattern Baldness
Have you ever heard the word ďdihydrotestostroneĒ? Dihydrotestostrone (DHT) is one of male hormones, which is quite important for a young manís normal development and growth. But in course of time as a man grows older DHT gets less important. Moreover, it is regarded as hormonal byproduct. And what more important is that dihydrotestostrone is the main cause of hairloss. Of course, there are many other hair loss causes such as improper nutrition, hygiene, infections, stress, polluted environment and so on, but according to statistics they make up only 5% of all hair loss cases. All other cases are cased by hormonal imbalance, precisely the excessive level of dihydrotestostrone.

Manís hair has a certain cycle of its growth that consists of successive phases: hair growth, falling out, and new growth. But when a man has the excessive amount of dihydrotestostrone in his body, it makes his hair follicles become thinner and finer. The hair growth phase is gradually shortened, and eventually hair follicles become so small that they canít produce new hair anymore. And the hair is lost.

It is called Androgenetic Alopecia (ďandrogensĒ is the general name for male hormones), or Male Pattern Hair Loss, or just Male Pattern Baldness, because the main cause of hair loss in men ia the male hormone dihydrotestostrone. It has been established by scientists that balding men have excessive level of dihydrotestostrone in the balding area of the scalp.

How Provillus works?
The remarkable formula of Provillus reduces the level of dihydrotestostrone and even blocks it. It means that your hair growth phase will get longer, your tiny follicles larger, and your hair thicker and stronger. Provillus Pills contain all proper nutritional elements that are essential for your scalp and hair. After several weeks of taking Provillus you will feel and see the effect. You will finally avoid hair loss and start to regrow healthy and beautiful hair.

Money Back is Guaranteed
Provillus wonít make you disappointed. We are sure that you will be satisfied and we fully guarantee 100% money back if you are not. You have 6 months to try our product and in case you are not satisfied with the results you can send it back and get a full refund (less shipping, handling and processing fee). But we can say that there will be no need to do this, as no other natural hair loss remedy is as effective and reliable as Provillus, and no other trade mark offers such a considerable guarantee.

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