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Womenís Provillus Pills. Natural Hair Loss Remedy. You Can Prevent Hair Loss! - Welcome
Natural Hair Loss Treatment
Natural Hair Loss Treatment
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Womenís Provillus Pills For Healthy Hair Growth

Womenís Provillus Pills For Healthy Hair Growth

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You Can Prevent Hair Loss Once And For All!
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Womenís Provillus Pills nourishes the scalp, revitalizes hair follicles and forces new and healthy hair to grow fast and long! With Provillus you will stop hair loss and prevent it from occurring once and for all! Donít hesitate Ė itís harmless and effective!

A woman is socially supposed to have thick, gorgeous, strong and shining hair. It is inseparably connected with our notion of womanís beauty. Thus, for every woman hair loss may turn to be a real tragedy. Hair loss in women, in comparison with men, is flatly rejected to be a part of the normal aging process. Both men and women can be subjected to pattern hair loss. But the rule is that they donít usually lose their hair in the same way and manner.

Statistics say, that one out of every four women in the US suffers from the so called Female Pattern Hair Loss, or Female Pattern Baldness (FPB). Recent studies have shown that the incidence of Female Pattern Baldness is as low as 8 % and as high as 87 %. Moreover, it turns out to be as common for women as for men. Most often hair loss in women becomes evident when they enter menopause.

Women Hair Loss
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Female Pattern Baldness
Actually, there is no definite pattern for hair loss in women. Some of them start losing hair quite early, others notice that their hair gets thinner when they are old enough.

Many women are sure that the real cause for hair loss can be overtreating of hair. Of course, caustic hair-dye, hair spray, hair dryers and tongs, and straighteners wonít do any good for your hair in terms of its health. And, yes, all of them, taken together or separately, can cause temporary hair loss. But they canít be the reason for a serious long-term hair loss.

One more thing to mention here is that Female Pattern Baldness is not such a rare thing as it is usually thought of. According to recent studies, more than one in four women inherit thinning hair in the US.

And of course, the most sad thing about female hair loss is that it makes a woman lose her self-esteem. She doesnít consider herself to be attractive anymore. She feels depressed, lonely and unhappy. An every balding woman tries to find the proper hair loss remedy to stop this nightmare. But letís begin with the causes.

What Causes Hair Loss in Women?
As we have already said, there are many causes for women to lose their hair. The majority of doctors and hair specialists believe that the most common type of hair loss is the so called Female Pattern Baldness Ė it accounts for 95 percent of all hair loss cases in women.

Hormones. Hormonal imbalance is considered to be the main cause of female hair loss. The excessive amount of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone in the body inevitably leads to thinning and losing of hair. Reducing of the dihydrotestosterene level brings immediate effect and helps to avoid hair loss. Female hormones estrogens can also be out of balance, what brings us to the same problem. Improper functioning of thyroid gland can also make hair drop out. However, when its functioning is normalized the problem with hair is usually solved as well.

Menopause. Menopause and hair loss go hand in hand. About 37 % of menopausal women suffer from hair thinning. Menopause is associated with unfavorable hormonal changes that have an adverse effect on the healthy state of hair. That is why a great deal of women resort to hormonal therapies to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Birth of a child. One of the causes of sudden and intense hair loss in women may be the birth of a child. A lot of women complain of their hair getting thin after pregnancy, precisely, two-three months after the childbirth. And it again has something to do with hormonal changes. High levels of hormones during pregnancy slow down hair growth and prevent new hair shedding. But some time later hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, and normal hair growth is usually restored.

Natural Hair Loss Remedy for Women
Want to have your hair healthy, strong and gorgeous? We have the remedy! Stop hair loss and regrow your lost hair with Provillus! Womenís Provillus Pills are formulated specially to treat female hair loss. Our product contains herbal ingredients that are blended in the way that makes it most effective with no side effects.

Provillus seeds your head skin with all vital substances that stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and creates proper environment for your hair. It revitalizes small and weak hair follicles so that they can produce strong and healthy hair again. Provillus is a product of natural origin Ė you will need no prescription to buy it!

Full Refund Guaranteed
We are sure you will be satisfied with Provillus. That is why we fully guarantee 100% money back in case you are not happy with our product. You have 6 months starting from the date of sale to send it back to us and get a full refund (less shipping, handling and processing fee). But we know you will like our product Ė no other natural hair loss treatment is as effective and reliable as Provillus. Unless we would never offered you such a risk-free guarantee.

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