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Natural Hair Loss Treatment
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Ingredients of Provillus Pills For Women
Provillus Pills For Women
Womenís Provillus has a breakthrough formula that is based on the following active ingredients:

Vitamin B6.This vitamin performs a wide range of functions in your organism. It is vitally important for good health: vitamin B6 is needed for red blood cell metabolism and conversion of tryptophan to niacin. It is also essential for more than a hundred enzymes that are involved in protein metabolism. Without this vitamin the nervous and immune systems canít function normally. And of course, vitamin B6 is essentially important for hair growth and regrowth. This water-soluble vitamin has 3 main chemical forms: pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine.

Biotin. Biotin is regarded as food for hair. No wonder, it is a part of the Vitamin B complex and it is vital for hair and nail tissues. It also helps to create the proper environment in the scalp.

Para-aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) is well known for its beneficial effect on hair. Its chemical characteristics make it necessary for strong and healthy hair. PABA belongs to the B Vitamin complex and it is a part of the folic acid molecule. It supports red blood cells and it plays a significant role in metabolism and utilization of amino acids.

Horsetail, also known as Equisetum arvense, is used to promote hair growth and in some cases it helps to regrow lost hair. It is possible due to such substances as silica, cystine, and sulfur nettle, or Urtica dioica, that are contained in it: they are vitally important for healthy growth of hair. These active elements, as well as other minerals, help to stimulate good blood circulation in the scalp.

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